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New construction in Blagoevgrad



Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to offer you the opportunity to rent or buy/invest in my newly constructed six-story building in Blagoevgrad. bb2

The building constriction is located on the main roundabout crossover in the center of Blagoevgrad. The following opportunities are available:

skici 3311.jpg

In photos #2 (bottom left) and #3 (bottom right) you can see the drawings of the first and second floors. The meter measurements are based on the plan of the project (note the description on the right below).


- A/ Ground Floor: total meters=141m2. According to the project plan, the entire floor is divided into three parts (shops #3, #4, and #5 left to right). Shop #3 is 51.4 sq.meters; Shop #4 37.31 sq. meters; Shop #5 is 52.36 sq.meters. Two of the three shops have display cases and street access from both the front or the rear.

-B/ Second Floor: total meters=190 m2. According of project plan, the floor is divided into three parts which can be used as offices or apartments (units #4, #5, and #6 from left to right). Unit #4 is 81.42 meters; Unit #5 is 42 sq. meters; Unit #6 is 66.79 sq.meters.

Note: the numbers above (parts A/B ) do not include common areas which consist of 12% of each property.

Currently we are finishing the rough stage of construction of the sixth (top) floor.

Additional information and details, including drawings and changes to the plan are available.

We still can be flexible with respect to special requests at this point and will accommodate changes and internal redesign. We can also discuss enlarging your space and connecting various parts of the building. It is possible to reconfigure an entire floor into one space or office if needed. Any reasonable request will be accommodated. .

The 3d floor is ON SALE (See the plan drawings below)


During the course of negotiations we can also discuss the rent of 4th floor, advertisements for the offices, etc.

Also open for discussion is the use of the three-meter "rainbow" shaped piece of my land in front of the ground floor (about 35 m) for various business opportunities. An additional 45-50 meters of land is available to rent from the municipality. This land can be used for temporary installations of tables, chairs, etc. First floor spaces can easily be configured for food/restaurants, while units on higher floors can be used for purposes such as medical and dental offices.

The new building is located in front of school #3 on Cyril and Methodius Boulevard. The Ministry of Internal Affairs is located about 100 meters from the building, and about 300 m in opposite direction there is a hospital and a policlinic. A main road passes next to the building through the roundabout/crossover. In front of the building there is a main bus stop with direct connections to the train station and bus terminal. It is also a good starting point for Bansko, Sandanskii, Sofia, Macedonia, and Greece.

As you can see the view around our building is very attractive. There are active constructions sites behind our building - 3 rows of 6-floors buildings. That is why there will be considerable foot traffic through both of the two main entrance points to the businesses in our building.



You can RENT:

- 1st floor unit of 141 sq. m RENT is available from Fall 2019

- 2nd floor unit of 190 sq. m RENT is available from Fall 2019

You can BUY:

- 3rd floor unit of 220 sq. m (+12% of common areas)


The building constriction is located on the main roundabout crossover in the center of Blagoevgrad. Blagoevgrad is located in South-West Bulgaria and is an administrative, cultural and transport capital of the Pirin region. The town is situated at the foot of the southwestern slopes of Rila mountain, on the river bank of Blagoevgradska Bistritsa river. Blagoevgrad is in 95 km south from Sofia in direction to Thessaloniki, Greece, via highway E79. You can see a southeastern view of the building in the middle photo of the top row. You can see the view from the roundabout crossover in the right photo. skica4 445.jpg